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Here at The Button, much of our shared experience is working with public sector and voluntary organisations, developing effective ways to achieve social good through public policy. We have hands-on experience developing social marketing campaigns that influence behaviour.

Social marketing

All too often confused with social media marketing, social marketing is the use of commercial marketing techniques with other concepts + disciplines (such as behavioural economics and behavioural psychology), to achieve specific behavioural goals, for a social good. But you knew that already, right?

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We’ve worked with local authorities, NHS PCTs and even large pharmaceutical companies on social marketing projects and we know how it can effectively influence behaviour.

We handle all aspects of the social marketing process:

  • Scoping Our research associates will conduct social marketing research to build in-depth audience insight, identifying barriers + key influences.
  • Development
    We’ll establish an effective marketing strategy + develop interventions to reach your target audiences.
  • Implementation
    We can manage the social marketing campaign, deliver interventions across a range of media.
  • Evaluation
    Results are at the heart of everything that we do + while we know it can take a long time to see real, sustainable behaviour change we don’t shy away from monitoring the impact of all our communications.
  • Follow up
    It’s important that by influencing behaviour for social good we make sure it’s sustainable, + identify any other effects it has. We’ll also produce case studies to show the impact of your social marketing project.


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